Spades Tournament Rules

In the event of any of the following are violated, a tournament director will settle the matter.
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    • Game is highest score after 4 hands
    • ACE high…no Jokers, not Wildcards
    • A Boston (13 books) wins the Game automatically with 250 points
    • A SPADE may be played at any time
    • Renege is an automatic set/made bid
    • The first dealer will be the person who is dealt the first club up. Any one can deal for the club.
    • The deal goes clockwise from left to right.
    • If a card is exposed while dealing, the same dealer must redeal.
    • You must bid the 1st hand
    • Bidding will begin with the player to the left of the dealer and go clockwise
    • No Blind Bids
    • A player may only say a number as a bid (no possibles)
    • The last player bidding for a team must bid the final bid for team
    • 4 is the minimum bid for a team
    • If your team bids 10 and make the bid, you will get 200 points. If you miss the bid, you will lose 100 points
    • You get what you bid, not what you make. Example: if you bid 6 and make 8, you only get 60, not 62
    • You can go in and out of the hole.
    • Spades are always trump and can be lead anytime.
    • Each player is responsible for having enough cards, in their hands, before start of play. If not, the same dealer must redeal.
    • The team awarded the bid must play in clockwise (left to right) order.
    • One member, on each team, must keep all books in one straight line and neatly stacked.
    • No Board Talk
    • 1 warning may be given by Judge
    • Violation is a 3-book penalty
    • All Cards are to be played IN TURN (at no time will playing a card out of turn be allowed-Renege)
    • A Wrong Card Played is Not Allowed. All players must watch the board and play the correct card when appropriate, if a misplay occurs
    • In the event a RENEGE, all play ceases and the book must be called and the results is a set penalty either for or against the team calling the RENEGE