I want to attend one of your events. What time should I arrive?

Doors normally open 1-hour prior to all events.

Besides the events listed on your website, how can I find out what is going on at your club on any other night?

Active and guest members of the club receive regular updates about club activities. If you are not an active or guest member of the club, but wish to know what is happening at the CWPS Clubhouse on any given night, please call the clubhouse at (614) 235-9140 during our regular hours.

How can I be notified in advance of club events?

To be notified in advance of club happenings, we encourage you to consider becoming an active or guest member of the club. Otherwise, you must call the Clubhouse during our regular hours.

What other games do you play besides card games?

We enjoy playing the games of Bid Whist (No Kitty, Kitty), Pinochle (Big & Small Meld), Spades, Dominoes, Chess, and other cards or board games in an informal atmosphere of friendship, mutual respect, fair play and competition.